Blocked Torrent Sites



So Virgin Media, amongst others, have blocked access to Kick Ass Torrents as well as The Pirate Bay in a bid to protect against copyright infringement, or so I’ve been told anyway. The “Get Fucked, You Big Cheating Pirate Scumbag” message is now shown when trying to access anything in the domain, making it impossible to search for or download torrent files , regardless of whether the content is an infringement of copyright or not. Still, those big bombs worked in Japan in 1945 so it’s worth employing the same tactics in a web-based environment.


I’ve heard that there is a way around it, using some sort of third party routing site, but this sort of behaviour would be desperately irresponsible, probably being the precursor to the final days of modern civilisation whilst simultaneously making a mockery of the UK’s biggest ISP’s efforts to eradicate this reprehensible behaviour. But, to quote one pro-piracy leader, “This is the latest in the continuing Internet whack-a-mole farce,” and it’s probably fair to say that the High Courts and the ISPs will continue to play catch-up for a long time to come.



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