BODMAS – It’s Really Quite Simple.



Right, time for some very elementary mathematics from somebody who has not progressed much further than said standard.


Once again Facebook and Yahoo Answers are proving that the users of said platforms are largely retarded. Using the power of copy and paste, here is tonight’s so-called “tricky” question from Peter Griffin of Quahog, Rhode Island:


I Bet 95% will fail to answer this simple question !!

10 + 10 X 0 + 10 =

A = 10
B = 0
C = 200
D = 135
E = 20
F = 125

G = 30

What is the correct answer ? …



Now, aside from the fact that the person asking the question deems it necessary to capitalise “bet,” a common-or-garden vowel, and also seems to think that following a perfectly executed question mark with an erroneous ellipsis, this is really quite simple. Somehow, though, it is causing arguments on Facebook and wars between some small mathematics-based countries.


The answer, however simple it may be, is proving difficult to explain. Of course, if it was easy to explain then this question would not be presenting itself now, in the same way that nobody asks what the sum of 6 and 3 is. This proves that either the level of teaching is dreadful or that the students are stupid or don’t listen. Or all three.


Anyway, consider the acronym BODMAS. Or BIDMAS. Or BEDMAS. Or PEMDAS. They’re all the same thing but the words making them up differ. Whichever you use, they are the order in which operations are performed and the order is as follows:


Brackets (or parentheses)

Orders (such as 22, also referred to as exponents)






Therefore, in the sum above there are implied brackets around 10 x 0 as this operation must be performed first. Rewriting the sum (showing my working-out) should simplify things (although Facebook proves otherwise.


10 + 10 x 0 + 10 =


10 + (10 x 0) + 10 =


10 + 0 + 10 = 20


So, the answer is E. For some reason there seem to be issues with remembering to add the first 10. There’s no reason for this, other than stupidity of course, but there’s certainly a lot to be said for “showing your working-out” if you forget something as elementary as this. Anyway, if you don’t believe me then try the following:



  1. Google it. The top answer is a pretty picture, plus it’s right. Do not look at Yahoo Answers though, it’s where the people who don’t understand Wikipedia go to die.
  2. Put the equation into an Autosum formula in Excel. This too gives the correct answer, unsurprisingly.


Tomorrow we’ll be covering German sentence structure, in particular the “verb, comma, verb” and “time, manner, place” rules. Not really, I can’t be fucking arsed.




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