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If anybody needs any Ricoh photocopier manuals, firmware, assistance or the like, please feel free to send me a comment.


I’ll look upon your request more favourably if you could also include the nature of the fault or what you are trying to achieve in the unlikely event that I can merely point you in the right direction. I’m nice like that.


I feel duty-bound to add that I cannot supply any hardware, including parts or supplies, nor do I ask for any financial gain from this. Once again, I’m nice like that (and my employers would not take kindly to that sort of behaviour.)


I added the last part to pretend that I give a flying fuck.






Ricoh MPc3500 & MPc4500 SC548/SC549

This problem seems to have been cropping up more and more of late, mostly leading to some of our engineers doing full fuser services or simply making up excuses for what is causing the fault.


The technical bulletin attached explains what to do, namely replacing the two sensors which register that the fuser unit is turning, plus the encoders which trigger said sensors. However, the most important procedure is to update the firmware, something which our lot seem to be loath to do.


Additionally, and this was in a much earlier bulletin, these sensors were modified to try to prevent the user from knocking them out of their housing brackets should the fuser be slammed into position.


SC548 & SC549 Technical Bulletin

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