Haunted lift prank hilarity.











You massive pseudo-frog tosser!



Remember when Steve McLaren made an utter arse of himself? I’d better be more specific, I suppose. Remember when Steve McLaren went to FC Twente and suddenly developed a rather odd Dutch accent? Well, it must be a football thing. Or a tosser thing.





Why Heskey is better than Messi…





Schrodinger’s Misunderstanding.






Crazy football skills

Well, not just football, but balance and climbing too. Top work chap!





Obama vs Romney



This is priceless:




Malcolm Tucker, total fucker. But hilarious.






Fucking Nanny State.



I’m sure that Toyota are ecstatic about the publicity that banning this advert will generate (I refer you to Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “Relax,” banned by the BBC and therefore bought by everyone.) But should it be banned? Christ, it’s an advert for a driver’s sports coupe, it’s like telling toy manufacturers that, in this dreadful run-up to Christmas, their adverts cannot show any signs of fun for children.


Anyway, as long as it’s available on YouTube then it’ll be on here. After that it’ll still be on here. So, without further ado, here’s the banned advert for the new lukewarm, average Hyundai Coupe-looking Toyota GT86.









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