Woeful Incompetence




Yes, I know, I’ve been fucking useless at updating this ‘ere blog type thing. I’d love to tell you that it’s been because I’ve been busy having massive quantities of sexual congress with a wide variety of women, both paid and unpaid, or that I’ve been too busy tinkering with my shiny new Pagini Huayra to squeeze a few more horses out of the bitch before spanking her around Europe, however both of these would be bollocks. I could also tell you that it’s because Matt the Wonder Brother hadn’t realised that the site had gone down (nor,for that matter, had I until just now,) but as it’s only been off for a matter of hours then I can hardly blame him for that. Still, very shoddy of you, you bumder! IT people, I ask you…


No, I am quite simply a lazy fucker whose fingers are tired from fingering my own hoop, metaphorically speaking.  I’ll think of something that “fingering my own hoop” can be a metaphor for once I’ve finished fingering my own hoop – I guess that it’ll just have to mean “trawling YouTube for funny shit and fast cars” or “watching endless porn scenes on xHamster.” Obviously the latter isn’t so much of a metaphor as the first.


Anyway, enough of my anally-stimulating claptrap for now, I’m going to go to bed. I’ll be doing a fully-fledged, unabridged entry (there we go, back to the porn again) in the next couple of days, complete with handy tips on how to reset some passwords and move some partitions on hard drives or somesuch.


Alternatively I might just review my new favourite porn site, Wowgirls.


I bid you all a very good and slightly moist night.




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