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Well it’s been a while, mostly because work has been being an utter bastard to me. This is the price you pay for being completely awesome I suppose, but if you have a problem, if nobody else can help and if you can find me…well, the office have my mobile number so finding me isn’t such an issue for them.


The main purpose of this ‘ere entry (fnar fnar) is to add links to GetMyDN and Softerra, both useful tools for discovering the LDAP path on Windows servers. I’ve included both the 32 and 64-bit versions of Softerra (it’s a far more in-depth sniffer than GetMyDN) and also the Winrar installation files to save you from hunting around for them.


Winrar 32-bit

Winrar 64-bit


Softerra LDAP Browser


In other news, not much has happened. I fell asleep at the front table in a Jazz club in front of a live band with a very attractive female singer/saxophonist on Saturday, thanks largely to excessive alcohol consumption with Chris Franks. Surely this was not the best way to win her over? That said, as she was (and probably still is) married I’m pretty sure that I stood no chance in the first place but, in true Dumb and Dumber style, I hadn’t given up hope with Mary Samsonite.


It is with deep regret that I began watching the final episode of House tonight. It was awfully good and I’m not ashamed to say that I felt the stinging of a tear in my eye towards the end. If I wasn’t so engrossed in The West Wing and Game Of Thrones then I’d consider starting the whole thing again, however I simply don’t have the time. I also finished Homeland, a most excellent offering, but the whole thing became a bit messy towards the end. Hopefully the second series will be less of a guessing game now that the proverbial cat is out of the damned bag.


And with that I shall retire to watch Thrones. After I’ve made myself a cheese and chorizo toastie, that is.



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