Nicely done, now do the truffle-shuffle

This made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, watching the silly little boy being ragged about by somebody twice his size!

Old people – funny as fuck

This is a must-see

Lost Cat

Lost Cat

Just fucking hilarious

Eat Da Poo Poo



Thanks to Paul, I have been howling with laughter for days at this. Finally it is time to share:



Just brilliant.



Ricoh photocopier manuals, firmware, help and advice.




If anybody needs any Ricoh photocopier manuals, firmware, assistance or the like, please feel free to send me a comment.


I’ll look upon your request more favourably if you could also include the nature of the fault or what you are trying to achieve in the unlikely event that I can merely point you in the right direction. I’m nice like that.


I feel duty-bound to add that I cannot supply any hardware, including parts or supplies, nor do I ask for any financial gain from this. Once again, I’m nice like that (and my employers would not take kindly to that sort of behaviour.)


I added the last part to pretend that I give a flying fuck.






Ricoh Enhanced Locked Print NX & Card Authentication Package



Ricoh, in another of their moments of monumental short-sightedness, have launched their new product range that features the all new GW+ architecture. Wow, I hear you say. Gasp, I hear you, errr, gasp. But what does this mean?


Well, it’s the new controller, denoted by a simple 2 in the model number (3502, 5502 etc), and it gives such astonishingly useless functionality as the ability to browse the internet at the photocopier. Why, I hear you exclaim, would you need to do that? Well, I reply after much consideration, it’s almost entirely pointless. You can also share the fax option on one machine to several others in the building, a very mission-critical feature 15 years ago when people used fax machines.


I’m being rather underwhelmed by all of this because, as far as I can tell, the machines appear to be something of a Windows Vista. You know, a hasty lunge in the right direction but stumbling tragically off the side of a precipice by mistake. For example, why launch a browser which has the oh-so-recognisable Google home page but with the inexplicable addition of Japanese characters all over the shop? The new colour scheme of the panels is quite nice though.


Anyway, the point of all of this is that the current versions of ELP-NX and CAP, the embedded software that enable devices to be clustered and print jobs to be stored and then released using a login, pin number or swipe card, do not work on these machines. There is, however, a new version of the software due out, inventively dubbed “v2” (cue fanfare,) and this should be available in the next week or so. I’ll believe it when I see it. Presumably the current installation process will be the same; I only presume this because it’s needlessly complicated, therefore Ricoh wouldn’t even begin to think about changing it.


All of this leads me to wonder whether v2 (pause for fanfare) will be compatible with the previous model ranges (I assume not) and whether it will be possible to cluster machines running different versions. If not, I’m right up shit creek.





Most remiss of me.


Yes, I know, but I’ve been busy and shit.


Anyway, I promised my little brother that I’d post something as he’s migrated the site to a new host and, being a man of my word, here is said post.


I shall endeavour to post something of substance in the near(ish) future.



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