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Ricoh MP8000 Background Shading Around Bold Text



A couple of weeks ago (yes, I have been very lazy when it comes to updating this here blog type thing) I had a problem with dark text on originals coming out with considerable shading around any areas of bold fonts on the page, for example a company logo at the top.


Having changed the developer and serviced the PCU, both of which were due anyway, I was advised that toner on the laser shield glass could be causing this. As dubious as I was, having only seen this problem present with voids on the prints, I took the glass out and cleaned it. This solved the problem and, credit where credit’s due, Ricoh got this one right.



Ricoh SPc242sf Ops Panel Freeze Or Not Booting



Today I had a brand new machine freezing when it was turned on. Either the machine came ready and then all of the buttons became unresponsive or the machine continually displayed “Please Wait” on the display.


This turned out to be a duplicate IP address, given to me by the customer’s IT department, which was inactive when I installed the printer yesterday but became active at some point today.


Ricoh, in their infinite wisdom, do not deem it necessary to have a message on the display of these machines as they do on the larger models, possibly because it’s a rebadged Brother or something equally wafty.



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