There’s an inherent problem with the MPc4501 and 5501 type machines which, in some instances, remains unsolved by Ricoh.


Firstly, the error code is not in the service manual so there’s no help there, however there are two technical bulletins to describe this error code.


The code will be triggered by one of a┬ámyriad of things, but it is first necessary to determine whether or not the machine has been accessed via the Web Image Monitor after having recieved an IP fax at the time of the code appearing. If it has, this is fixed by simply updating the network support firmware. If it hasn’t though, things become rather more difficult.


The technical bulletin for a simple SC899 error simply states that “a software error occurred in the GW controller” and this is obviously of little or no use to anyone. It then goes on to say that to fix this you should update the firmware or replace the controller board, however neither of these actions seem to remedy the fault. It has been suggested that disabling unnecessary protocols on the machine could also help; this was equally unsuccessful for me.


Having investigated what the machine was doing when the code first appeared, it seems that a particular print job was triggering the code. This was a report of some length generated by a bespoke software package but, according to Ricoh, these models have an issue when printing jobs with a significant number of pages, normally in the region of 100 or so. Unfortunately there is no fix for this so these reports should be divided up and sent as separate jobs until such time as Ricoh release firmware to rectify this. Once this job was deleted from the print queue, the remaining jobs in the queue were printed without a problem.


Finally, it’s worth mentioning that both SC899 and SC991 are all-encompassing error codes which do not point to anything in particular other than there being a problem in a very general region. This has also been escalated to Ricoh Japan for investigation.





4 Responses to SC899

  1. Aye, this 899 is becoming a bit of a shitbag. I’ve had MPC300′s pop this code because some dickwits don’t understand A4 only machines can’t print A3. Now I see a bit of a flaw in their logic. These machines only feed A4 short edge feed. How, in the name of all that’s holy, can you possibly get it to feed a sheet of A3? Bandsaw the bastard in half and use gaffer tape to secure it 6 inches wider? Fuckwits.

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  4. I have seen this error and others appear when someone sends a large, high detailed PDF. It is often a multipage file of CAD drawings. No obvious reason for the error. We print via Universal PCL6 drivers as the device does not have PS installed. Most of our printers are C5501 and it frequently seems to be files provided by the client / customer that someone is printing the whole set, and it chokes on it.

    I Came across this blog after searching for the SC889 error. The error looks like a catchall that is mostly fixed by deleting the current print job and power-cycle / reboot the copier. And scold the person who sent the print job to the printer.

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